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Some things added/changed!

[Neko], Feb 3, 11 6:17 AM.
You'll notice on the left I have added the Loot rules, the Bank, and the Point System tabs which you may click on and watch as you wish.

For loot rules, this only applies to any time at which more than 3 guild members are present and a good item that is not immediatly useful to those players should be stored into the guild bank. Be aware that when loot rules apply, no points are awarded, and not reporting items will lead to repurcussions or loss of points based on the item value.

For the bank, be aware that it may change daily or weekly depending on my availability to change it. Everything in the bank is available to any player who can afford it, though the prices should fluctuate quite a bit, you can always assume the cost in points to be 10% less than the market value. The reason for this is to keep profits high in the guild and still gear every member to the teeth. Remember, the more money and items we own, the larger portion of the economy we control, and this is our goal.

For the point system, im hoping it is a generally understandable system that shouldnt cause any confusion, but please remember, while market prices may change, your points do not raise because of it after you have donated an item. As I stated in the previous paragraph, profit margin should stay high. Should we start to lose money because of a failed point system, I will have to shut the whole system down and begin shuffling items into the server economy via merchant to pay off your donation values in zeny. Chances are, this will be detrimental to everyone if the whole system crashes.

Feel free to post in the forums at your whim, its welcome and we should all be checking this quite a bit, as I may as well award points for being active on the site as well. Take a moment to study changes as they come. Thanks for being part of the guild and as always Welcome to the Neko Maid Cafe!
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